“Fall of Envy” Perform “White Flag”

This video was produced and edited when I was running “Enemy Radio: A Revolution Against the Main Stream”. Enemy Radio was an offshoot of Jaxrock.com, a site devoted to local, unsigned, independent artists. Jaxrock had some success in Jacksonville, Florida, but I wanted to reach a more national audience, so I started Enemy Radio. At our peak, we had roughly 10 affiliate stations everywhere from San Francisco and Los Angeles to Tampa and even North Dakota. We used to stream live events from all around the United States, and ran several podcasts, collaborating with people like Jason Evangelo from Insomnia Radio and Tattoo Todd, one of the best voice performers in the area. Sadly, I ran out of time and money for Enemy Radio, but the friends and colleagues I met during that time are still good personal friends.

Below is a live shoot we did at Freebird in Jacksonville Beach for local Orlando, Florida band “Fall of Envy“, performing a rock cover of Dido’s “White Flag”. Enjoy.

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