The Art of Hunter

Hunter Jonakin is an outstanding artist. Full disclosure: he’s family (my cousin). Several of his installments have achieved international fame, the most popular being his anti-art-establishment fusion of technology and art called “Jeff Koons Must Die!”.

As written in Artnet News:

Jeff Koons haters rejoice! Hunter Jonakin’s video game Jeff Koons Must Die!!! allows players to destroy sculptures by Koons with the help of a (virtual) rocket launcher.

The piece is currently on display at the exhibition “Fire and Forget. On Violence” at Berlin’s KW Institute of Contemporary Art, which explores conventional ideas about war and force through art.

Set in a museum during a Koons retrospective, the 2011 video game features an animated version of the famous artist, who reprimands players for destroying his art. The artist then orders a horde of museum guards to attack the player.

In Hunter’s own words:

“Jeff Koons Must Die!!! is made up of a fabricated 80’s style stand-up arcade cabinet, and a simulated digital environment presented in a first-person perspective. Viewers must pay twenty-five cents to play the game and the virtual environment is traversed with a joystick and two arcade buttons. The premise of the video game is to allow the viewer to virtually destroy work by the artist, Jeff Koons.” – Hunter Jonakin

If you get a moment, drop by his website at and check out some of his thought provoking pieces. My personal favorite is “Utility Harness for the Tortured Artist.

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