Understanding Elasticsearch QueryDSL for Analytics

This month I spoke at Big Data Jax on the topic of Elasticsearch and QueryDSL as it pertains to data science. Matt Berseth from NLP Logix was good enough to arrange speakers for my Drink and Think event, so I’m returning the favor.

My presentation covered the following general topics:

  • Brief history of Elasticsearch
  • Download and installation of Elasticsearch 5.2
  • Nomenclature and cluster overview
  • Indexing data
    • Inverted indexes
    • Mappings
    • Analyzers
  • QueryDSL
    • Common query types
    • Aggregates
    • Statistical aggregates
  • Usage

You can download the full PDF of my presentation here: Elasticsearch Presentation

For more events, please check out Big Data Jax on Meetup.

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