Intermediate 3D: Designing Models

If you’ve been reading my Xpider posts, you may have noticed that the Xpider “Fatty” doesn’t come with a nice 3D printed “head”; most of the electronics are completely exposed. This is fine in most cases, particularly during building and development, but I’ve always been a “finishing touches” kind of person, so I decided to try my hand and designing some sort of cover for my finished product.

Model designed in TinkerCAD

Not wanting to spring hundreds of dollars for a design suite that I may or may not like, I tested out a few online applications, and finally found one I fell in love with. It’s called TinkerCAD, and it’s so easy to use I was able to show my kids how to design basic shapes. I took a little time and some measurements from the hexagonal shape that makes up the frame of the Xpider, and extrapolated it out into a shell that looks very much like the head of R2-D2 (unintentionally).

The tabs are there so I can attach it to the frame with screws. I could have been fancy and put pilot holes in, but I figured I’d just drill them out. Once you finish your design, you can download the STL file, open it in Cura, and do everything else you need to do, like generate your GCode, or setup supports or brims.

Model rendered in Cura

So while I may not be ready yet to design my own full scale model, this is at least a good start, and fun to use.

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