The Terranova Project

I’ve started work on a project I’m calling “Terranova”. Perhaps not the most creative title, but bear with me. The concept is a web-based real-time-strategy (RTS) game, whereby the player is working to terraform the moon, and establish a long-term civilization on our nearest celestial neighbor.

The engine itself is powered by Node.js, using Three.js for the 3d moon renderings and overlays. Storage is handled by Mongo, and it’s pretty lightweight, tracking only about 5 separate JSON document types. And of course, I’m using the very lightweight Express.js web server for handling API requests. Basic Bootstrap handles the web layout. I’m writing all of this within Visual Studio Code, which has quickly become one of my favorite development environments ever.

The concept is as follows:

  • Terraform the moon by using technology to develop an atmosphere, increase pressure, create water, increase temperature, and start seeding biomass
  • Develop trade routes between colonies, as well as trade routes between the earth and the moon
  • Create and nurture colonies and enhance population through culture and political policy

I’m working to make this as science-based as possible, focusing more on what is possible now rather than some far-fetched measure of science fiction.

The initial screen designs are done, and I’m currently working on the actual game engine that will drive the whole process. I intend to try to make it multi-player, so several people can colonize separate parts of the moon at some point.

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